Supported Commands for TweetMyPC version 3:

Command Purpose
shutdown This command will shut down your computer after showing a warning and a wait-time of one minute.
restart restartsyour computer after a warning and a one minute delay
standby Don’t want to shutdown? Then you can make your pc go to standby mode with this command.
hibernate This command will hibernate your computer after showing a warning and a wait-time of one minute
lock This command locks your Windows pc – TweetMyPC will still continue running and answer to tweets
logoff Locking the account is not what you want? Try logoff to log off your Windows-Account and close all programs
abortshutdown You accidentally tweeted shutdown or hibernate? Don’t worry. You still can stop it by tweeting “abortshutdown” to stop it – if you are fast enough!
physical memory As the name says, this command will let you know the free Physical Memory of your pc
virtual memory Want to know the free virtual memory of your pc? Just tweet virtual memory
os This is one of the command which does not have much value. Tweeting “os” will make TweetMyPC to tweet about your Operating System version.
ip Know your pc’s internal and external IP-Address from anywhere in the world with this command
screenshot Want to know what is happening in your pc when you are not around? Just tweet screenshot and TweetMyPC will take a screenshot of your desktop and post it to Twitpic.
getprocesslist This is one of the very useful commands. On receiving this command TweetMyPC will generate a list of running programs, along with the process ID, and email it to a predefined email address.
kill <process id> This is used along with the above command. Once you receive the process list you can close a program using the kill command.
download <URL> Want to download an interesting video but you are on the move? Don’t worry - just tweet download followed by the download URL and TweetMyPC will download it for you and it will be ready when you return back. Note: Twitter automatically converts long URLs into short one using TweetMyPC can download files only if the URL is in the short form for security reasons. Please use to shorten your URL before posting.
getfile <filepath> Missed an important document and you are traveling somewhere? No problem. Just tweet get followed by the file path and TweetMyPC will email the file as attachment to a predefined email. Don’t know the path? Don’t worry. Just checkout the next command.
getfilelist <drive> This command will make TweetMyPC to send you the list of files and folders in a drive. You can use this command to email you a file once you know the complete path of the file.
volinc Increases the volume of the main speaker by 20%
voldec Decreases the volume of the main speaker by 20%
volmute Mutes the main speaker
volunmute Un-mutes the main speaker
wallpaper <URL> You found a nice image and want to use set it as background at your TweetMyPC-Computer? Just use this command with the URL of the Image to set it fast and easy from anywhere!
url <URL> This command helps a lot for example if you find a website, a document or a download-file you want to review it at your computer. Then you can just open the URL by using this command, and see it at the screen when you are back at the pc. (the url has to start with http:// or www
powerstate This tweets the battery-state (Charging or not, if power-cable is plugged in and how long the remaining battery-running-time is)
uptime makes TweetMyPC send you the timespan that your computer is running since the last reboot as days.hours:minutes:seconds
ping When TweetMyPC reads this, it will answer that it is running and checks for tweets – This is really helpful to see if TweetMyPC is working and if your commands will have any effect. +fun link ;-) try it!
message <your message-text> Thanks to this command you can send a custom message to your computer, which will be shown as message-box, so you can communicate with other people sitting in front of your computer or just send a notification to yourself to read them later.
stopscr This stops the screensaver
darkscreen darkens/turns off your screen for example to save energy or to hide what the desktop shows
print <URL> TweetMyPC will download and then print the specified file - currently just .doc, .docx or *.pdf supported
<Custom Command> <optional with parameters> This is the most interesting feature of TweetMyPC. You think the above list of commands is not enough? No problem! With this new release of TweetMyPC you can start any program or shell-command with parameters just by using twitter and this program! You can start any program you want by adding it in the CustomCommand-Window of TweetMyPC and then tweeting the specified name of it. But also you can just add parameters to the tweets. Thanks to this you can now for example start your torrent-client with the torrent download-url as parameter or you can open Winamp and play a webstream, local file or whatever you want. (Example: add %windir%\system32\cmd.exe in the custom-commands window and tweet “command /K defrag /M /U” – see

If you have suggestions for more commands or any other ideas, please fill out our feedback form at
For help please see our Issue Tracker.

Info: You can use the same commands more then once in a short time by just adding "## some random text" after the command. TweetMyPC will just ignore this additional text but still execute the command.

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mikemtgy May 13, 2011 at 4:00 PM 
Have you contacted any device companies like dishwashers, coffee makers, etc? This could be away to use your phone to control all the devices in your life. Very nice implementation.

Thurrio Nov 4, 2010 at 6:27 PM 
Its nice! congratulatons!