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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q: Are there versions of this program for Mac OS X or Linux?
A: Yes, there is TweetMyMac and a custom-commands-only version for Linux written in java

Q: TweetMyPC has been released using which license?
A: We licensed TweetMyPC by the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) which you can find here:

Q: Is it safe to use twitter as the communication-way for controlling your PC?
A: See the About::Security page

Q: TweetMyPC doesn’t work at my Computer – what shall I do?
A: See Known Problems Page

Q: What commands can I use?
A: See Custom Commands List
Info: You can use the same commands more then once in a short time by just adding "## some random text" after the command. TweetMyPC will just ignore this additional text but still execute the command.

Q: Does it still work if my Windows-Account is locked and/or if someone else is logged in to this computer?
A: Yes, it still works as long as the application is running and has access to the internet - but some commands might not work because of missing permissions.

Q: How can I send a custom shell-command with parameters directly from twitter to my computer?
A: Add the file %windir%\system32\cmd.exe in the custom commands window. Then you can send a command like this tweet: “command /C <program-name> <parameters>” (without the brackets) – see for more information or Custom Commands List

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