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Known Problems of TweetMyPC:

  • TweetMyPC just works if it is running at a computer which is connected to internet and able to connect to the twitter server – check your Firewall and DNS-Settings (If TweetMyPC fails to connect to the twitter-server it will automatically retrie to connect and check for commands later)
  • If you post commands from the twitter-website (, then you sometimes have to refresh the twitter-website to be able to see any new tweets from TweetMyPC
  • The twitter-Server blocks access if you login or post tweets to often from one IP-Address or one account – just wait until the 60 Minutes blocking-time are over (If you have this problem often, you can submit a web form ( and ask Twitter to be considered for addition to the whitelist of high-volume screen names. This will raise your upper limit from 150 to 20,000 API requests per hour.)

For security reasons, TweetMyPC will just check tweets which you sent from the same account as configured in the TweetMyPC settings window.

If you have any other problems or ideas for improving TweetMyPC, please fill out our feedback form at
For help please see our Issue Tracker.

Also, you now can get a debug log by just creating an empty text file called "TweetMyPCdebug.txt" at your desktop. Please include this in your report, if you create a new entry in the IssueTracker!

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